COVID-19 safety



OzzFit 24/7 – Protocols

OzzFit 24/7 is committed to providing a safe and compliant workplace for all of our staff and members, our commitment to a safety first work-place encompasses all that attend our sites including members and visitors alike.

Physical Distancing in Club:

It is a requirement that all staff and members adhere to social distancing measures as directed by the Federal and State Governments of 1.5m per each individual

Physical Distancing in Club


Hand sanitisation stations have been set up around both clubs for members and staff, please sanitise as per Government health recommendations



At the START and END of every day, a deep clean of ALL gym equipment and toilet will be undertaken, a deep clean consists of the use of hot soapy water, disinfectant and suitable cloth


Staff Training:

All staff have complete the Federal Governments COVID-19 Infection Control training prior to opening of OzzFit 24/7 on June 22, 2020


Floor Markings:

Equipment such as benches have been marked with tape to ensure they are compliant with social distancing measures, these benches must not be moved


Club Zoning:

Both clubs have been zoned into spaces, these spaces have been clearly marked with bollards and tape, members must adhere to the 20 people per 200m2 zoning restrictions as outlined by State Government


Shower and Changerooms:

Showers are not to be used under any circumstances during the initial stages of opening post Covid-19 restrictions



Members are not to congregate in groups in any part of the gym, thus meaning when training on the gym floor or in the cardio sections you must do so alone. Supervised classes are exempt from this

not to congregate

Class sizes:

Group sessions will be capped at 10, all group session attendees must be ready and able to sanitise equipment during and at the end of the session. Social distancing will apply

Class sizes


Management has provided numerous educational posters around the gym, these posters will provide tips and suggestions on how to ensure you can exercise in a safe and healthy way. Please make yourself aware of these posters