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Who is Polar?

Polar is the worlds leading and original heart rate monitoring company, the company which boasts over 40 years of experience and expertise in this field are by far and away the number 1 supplier of wearable heart rate devices.

Polar Chest Heart Rate Sensor

Polar H10 is a supremely precise heart rate sensor that comes with the Polar Pro chest strap. Providing top-quality and interference-free ECG measurement, Polar H10 is considered the most accurate heart rate sensor by many sources. Polar H10 connects and transfers data via Bluetooth and ANT+.

Polar Arm Heart Rate Sensor

Polar OH1 is a compact and versatile optical heart rate sensor that measures heart rate from the arm or temple. It comes with an armband and a swimming goggle strap clip, which is very easy to put on. It has Polar’s high quality optical HR solution and transfers data via Bluetooth and ANT+.

Polar apps


Polar Beat is designed to help measure your fitness, your running ability and provide data on all your calorie burning, there are further premium features available once you have your own Polar monitoring device.


Polar Flow is the king of fitness apps; Flow is completely data driven and provides an eco system of information that you can analyse and use to improve your performance. The app is extremely visual, providing long-term graphs, the ability to plan your sessions and also the option to be social with other OzzFit members, if you are looking for the most rounded and data driven fitness app then Flow is for you.

Polar Club Group Fitness

Become engaged in your workouts, train with other members and look to track, manage and assess your training sessions. Polar Club is all about giving you the information and data you need to become the best version of fit you can be, whether you’re attending a Strength based session or a higher intensity session, simply wear your Polar device and let your fitness story be told.


OzzFit is lucky enough to be able to offer Polar Heart Rate products at genuine cost prices; this allows you as a member to become actively involved in all that Polar can offer. Simply fill out the form below, request your device and we will process the order (if stock is not available on-site, Polar will deliver within 48 hours).
*** Please note, a medium chest strap will fit most people, if you are a S-M-L then a medium will suffice. If you are an XL-XXL-S-XS then a L chest strap or a S chest strap will be fine, an easy exchange can be made if need be.