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OzzFit 24/7

Our motto is

“To provide you with all the tools you need to become the best version of fit you can be”

Our purpose is

to create a facility that stimulates energy and grit, enabling members to become physically fit and active

About us

ozzFit leadership team
ozzFit team

Family comes first, we have always valued family connection and the importance of having your tribe and that is something that we have endeavoured to bring to OzzFit 24/7.

The idea to bring to life OzzFit 24/7 stemmed from much planning and preparation all the way back in 2014, the actual formation of Kilmore didn’t come to fruition until Easter in 2017.

A true family business, with owners Shannon & Catherine and parents Melinda & Anthony, we provide not only high calibre and modern facilities but we also bring with us the sense of home, belonging and warmness that franchise gyms or big box gyms cannot. With Melinda and Catherine working within our clubs you will see them helping members with training and taking program and classes,(Catherine) greeting members, and keeping our clubs sparkling clean.

We hire local, support local and engage in local initiatives, whether that be via local school programs, sponsoring of elite local athletes or sponsoring local sporting clubs, our commitment to the community is both an honour and motivation for what we do.

With 2 fitness clubs firmly entrenched in the Kilmore and Kyneton townships, OzzFit 24/7 is now spreading its wings by opening its 3rd facility in the spring of 2022 in Wallan.

From humble beginnings in 2017 all the way to club number 3 in Wallan we are just so pleased that you have been a part of our journey.

In health – Shannon & Cat, Melinda & Anthony


Contact us

OzzFit 24/7


3/132–134 Powlett Street, Kilmore VIC 3764
Phone Number 03 5782 2226


28–32 Market Street, Kyneton VIC 3444
Phone Number 03 5422 1529


13 Commercial Drive, Wallan VIC 3756